OTC Product News (December 2015)

Pharmacy TimesDecember 2015 Heart Health
Volume 81
Issue 12

Read about the new OTC Products featured in December.

Oxy Bump Children’s Cold/Flu Nasal SprayMarketed by: Oxy Bump

Oxy Bump Children’s Cold/Flu Nasal Spray is a plant- and mineral-based, saline spray intended to clear mucus, alleviate headache, and help soothe swelling and enlarged glands. The product is nonaddictive and homeopathic, and the 15-mL bottle contains 120 sprays. Before use, it should be shaken well, the safety collar removed, and the pump depressed until primed. It should be administered with 1 or 2 sprays per nostril, twice a day or as often as needed, in children 3 years or older.

For More Information: www.oxybump.com

TUFRELIEF Natural Muscle & Joint RubMarketed by: TUFMED

TUFMED TUFRELIEF Natural Muscle & Joint Rub is intended for athletes to use on muscles and joints that are suffering from swelling and/or discomfort associated with overuse or injury due to athletic training or competition. The ingredients include organic bialoe, Boswellia serrata, arnica, safflower oil, stearic acid, and cetyl alcohol. The cream should be applied to the affected area immediately and can be applied at least 3 times per day until relief is obtained.

For More Information: www.tufmed.com

Refresh Optive Gel DropsMarketed by: Allergan plc

Refresh Optive Gel Drops aqueous gel solution is intended for patients who want or need a more viscous artificial tear option to help relieve Dry Eye symptoms. The product is formulated with glycerin and the active ingredient CMC, which binds to the eye surface to provide long-lasting relief from discomfort.

For More Information: www.refreshbrand.com

Nair Glides Away Moroccan OilMarketed by: Church & Dwight Co, Inc

Nair Glides Away Moroccan Oil is a hair removal depilatory for use along the bikini line, arms, and under arms. The product comes in a deodorant-like canister to allow precise, no-touch ap plication, and it is effective even on coarse hair. For use, an even layer should be applied to targeted areas. After no more than 10 minutes, the product should be removed with a damp washcloth, and the area washed with lukewarm water and pat dried.

For More Information: www.naircare.com

Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal SwabsMarketed by: Matrixx Initiatives, Inc

Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Swabs are zincfree and homeopathic, and may shorten the duration of a cold if used at the first sign of illness. The swabs may also lessen the severity of symptoms, including nasal congestion, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and scratchy throat. Patients 12 years or older are instructed to use 1 tube every 3 hours, but should not use more than 5 tubes in a 24-hour period.

For More Information: www.zicam.com

Ultimate Omega 2XMarketed by: Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals’ Ultimate Omega 2X delivers 1000 mg of EPA + DHA in a single soft gel, and has the highest concentration of triglyceride-form omega oil of the company’s products. The suggested use is 2 soft gels daily with food, or as directed by a health care professional or pharmacist.

For More Information: www.nordicnaturals.com

Pharmax HLC Multi Strain 50Marketed by: Seroyal

Pharmax HLC Multi Strain 50 is a probiotic supplement that helps to reduce intestinal transit time and support overall immune health. The capsules include 50 billion colony- forming units from a combination of 15 probiotic strains, including 8 strains of lactobacilli and 6 strains of bifidobacterium. Live yeast cells provide extra microflora support.

For More Information: www.seroyal.com

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