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Pharmacy TimesJanuary 2012 Aging Population
Volume 78
Issue 1


Dulcolax for Women

Marketed by: Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc (Ridgefield, CT)

Indication: Boehringer Ingelheim is launching Dulcolax for Women, a laxative that offers a gentle solution for dependable, overnight relief from occasional constipation. Designed for women, each tablet contains bisacodyl USP 5 mg, and is comfort coated to make the product gentle enough for sensitive stomachs. Dulcolax for Women will be available at retailers in packages of 25 tablets starting in March 2012.

For More Information: www.dulcolaxusa.com

Dairyface Skincare

Marketed by: Dairyface

Indication: The Dairyface skincare line features yogurt-based products that incorporate the nutritional benefits of milk, including vitamins A, D, E, C, and B12, to help keep skin moisturized. The product, which must be refrigerated, contains peptides, proteins, and lactic acid to help break down and remove dead skin cells. The line includes 5 facial refreshers—Peppermint Crème, Glad Allover, Green Tea Magic, Lavender Lovely, and Eye Caramba—that can be applied like a topical mask treatment and are suitable for all skin types.

For More Information: www.dairyface.com

Dolphin Organics Baby Shampoo & Bodywash

Marketed by: Dolphin Organics

Indication: Dolphin Organics introduced a tear-free, hypoallergenic baby shampoo that is made with natural and organic ingredients. The product is aloe-based, not water-based, and does not contain artificial coloring, fragrances, parabens, sodium benzoate, or harsh chemicals. The Dolphin Organics line also includes a lotion, conditioner, and baby bubble bath. All packages are made with post-consumer recycled materials and are BPA-free.

For More Information: http://dolphinorganics.com

Scope Dual-Blast Mouthwash

Marketed by: Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati, OH)

Indication: Scope Dual-Blast mouthwash works to kill bad breath germs and eliminate strong odors from foods such as onion and garlic. The product uses dual-blast technology to capture sulfur compounds and help neutralize strong food odors in the mouth. It is available in 2 flavors, fresh mint blast and icy mint blast, and retails for $4.99 for a 750-mL bottle and $5.99 for a 1250-mL bottle.

For More Information: www.scopemouthwash.com

TabTussin Cough Expectorants

Marketed by: Reese Pharmaceutical (Cleveland, OH)

Indication: TabTussin 400 and TabTussin DM are cough expectorants containing 400 mg of guaifenesin to help loosen phlegm in the chest and make coughs more productive. TabTussin DM also contains 20 mg of dextromethorphan to help temporarily relieve cough while breaking up congestion. Both products are available in a box of 24 immediaterelease tablets.

For More Information: www.reesepharmaceutical.com

Naked Organix Butter to Go

Marketed by: Organix South (Bowling Green, FL)

Indication: Naked Organix Body Butter is now available on the go with Butter to Go, an organic lip and body balm. Each balm is made from plant-based oils and butters that help replenish the skin and slow the signs of aging. The 5 formulations include: Argan, which contains fatty acids and vitamin E to nourish dry skin; Tamanu, which helps reduce the signs of scarring and stretch marks; Neem, which soothes and protects skin that is prone to redness; Sea Buckthorn, which can help treat dehydrated, depleted, or mature skin; and Kukui, which works to replenish dry skin.

For More Information: www.organixsouth. com

RAW Resveratrol

Marketed by: Garden of Life (West Palm Beach, FL)

Indication: RAW Resveratrol is whole food formula that combines resveratrol, 23 fruits and vegetables, and live probiotics and digestive enzymes to support antioxidant activity, cardiovascular health, and healthy aging. The product also contains polyphenols to benefit the circulatory, respiratory, and reproductive systems. It is vegan, gluten free, and dairy free.

For More Information: www.gardenoflife.com

BrainStrong Toddler

Marketed by: i-Health, Inc (Cromwell, CT)

Indication: BrainStrong Toddler is a daily supplement containing 100 mg of the DHA omega-3 found in most infant formulas to help support brain health in children aged 1 to 3 years. The supplement is flavorless and comes in a powder form that can be mixed with other foods for easier absorption. BrainStrong Toddler is available in a box of thirty 100-mg packets.

For More Information: www.brainstrongdha. com

Axia3 ProDigestive Antacid

Marketed by: Axia3 (Los Angeles, CA)

Indication: Axia3 ProDigestive Antacid is a dietary supplement that works to deliver fast-acting relief from occasional heartburn due to diet, stress, exercise, and other causes. Axia3 uses enzymes to help break down protein, carbohydrates, and fats and oils that the body needs, and facilitate healthy digestion. It is available in a 1.5-oz tin of chewable minty tablets, a roll of 12 chewable minty tablets, and a 45-count box of chewable minty tablets at retailers including CVS and Bartell Drugs.

For More Information: www.axia3.com

Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Oral Spray

Marketed by: ProPhase Labs Inc (Doylestown, PA)

Indication: Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Oral Spray is formulated with zinc gluconate to help reduce the severity and duration of the common cold. For best results, users should spray twice in the mouth on the inside of cheeks, roof of mouth, and gums, retain for 15 seconds, and then swallow, and repeat every 2 to 4 hours as needed. Users should not exceed 6 doses or 12 sprays per day. It is available in mint and cherry flavors in a .76-fl oz bottle for a retail price of $9.95.

For More Information: www.coldeeze.com

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