Opportunities for Ready to Use RTU Formulations for Hospital Pharmacists


BC Childress, PharmD, MBA, MOL, BCACP, FASCP, Director of Pharmacy, Owensboro Health System in Owensboro, Kentucky, discusses the benefit of ready to use formulations of levothyroxine.

BC Childress, PharmD, MBA, MOL, BCACP, FASCP: Myxedema coma is a critical care illness so it requires urgent treatment [and] there can be a high mortality associated with that. As care providers, we've got to get the right drugs to the patient as soon as we can. Using ready-to-use formulations of levothyroxine really cuts out a lot of that time that was required previously for the admixture, the packaging, and making sure all that got to the floor. Now we can cut out several of those steps, we can get that to the patient much quicker, and we've also reduced the potential for error in a lot of different ways. We've done our duty then to assure safety and reliability of the therapy that we're providing in these critical care cases.

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