NCPA Statement on PBM Reform: Congressional Inaction Will be Final Nail for Some Community Pharmacies

Press Release

The National Community Pharmacists Association issued a statement on behalf of CEO B. Douglas Hoey.

The National Community Pharmacists Association issued the following statement today on behalf of CEO B. Douglas Hoey in response to Congress’s failure to include bipartisan pharmacy benefit manager reform in the spending package:

“The definition of dysfunctional is when Congress can’t pass reforms that majorities on both sides support. Both sides in both houses know that PBMs are increasing the cost of prescription drugs. They know the system lacks fairness and transparency. They know taxpayers are being cheated. They know patients are paying too much. They know local pharmacies are disappearing as a result. They know what must be done. And they know they must do it now. But they failed again.

“The clock is ticking for many community pharmacies, which are hanging on by a thread. As we pointed out last week in a national survey, a third of independent pharmacists are considering whether to close their doors this year. For those pharmacies that survive, almost all of them are reevaluating whether they will continue to participate in Medicare in 2025. They need relief now. If Congress fails to act this year, thousands of pharmacies could close, and millions of patients could be stranded. No more punts. No more delays. No more promises. Congress must reform PBMs this year.”

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