Medicaid Work Requirements May Drop Enrollment

President Donald Trump recently approved a proposal that requires Medicaid enrollees to comply with a work requirement.

By the fifth year of Kentucky's implementation of work requirements in its Medicaid program, there is a predicted 15% drop in enrollment, according to research from Urban Institute. The researchers estimated 169,000 enrollees are potentially nonexempt from the program's new work requirements but are working, and 188,000 enrollees are potentially nonexempt and not working.

According to the new requirements, Kentucky Medicaid beneficiaries must participate in 80 hours’ worth of “community engagement” activities each month by either working, participating in community service, searching for jobs, attending school or vocational training programs, or receiving treatment for a substance use disorder Children under age 19, adults age 65 and older, pregnant women, full-time students, primary caregivers of dependents, and enrollees who receive disability benefits while also qualifying for Medicaid are not subject to Kentucky’s new work requirement to receive Medicaid coverage.

Medicaid nonelderly adult enrollees fall into 1 of 3 groups. Group 1 includes beneficiaries in school, primary caregivers of children, and primary caregivers of disabled dependents who would be exempt from the work requirement. Group 2 includes enrollees who fall into one of those 3 categories and are working. Group 3 includes enrollees who are not working or seeking work.

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