March 6 Pharmacy Fun Fact

Do you know which state is the home of Dr. Pepper?

We’ve covered how Coca-Cola was created by a pharmacist, but did you know Dr. Pepper was also created by a pharmacist? The real question is, do you know which state is the home of Dr. Pepper?

Texas! Dr. Pepper was created by Charles Alderton, a pharmacist, in 1885. Alderton worked in a drugstore in Waco, Texas, and spent a lot of time compounding medications. In his spare time, Alderton also enjoyed mixing carbonated drinks at the soda fountain, and he loved how the syrups made the store smell. He decided to make a drink that tasted like the store smelled, and he came up with Dr. Pepper!


History of Dr. Pepper, Dr Pepper Museum. Accessed March 5, 2020.

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