Pet Peeves (March 2020)

Pharmacy TimesMarch 2020
Volume 88
Issue 3

This month's pet peeves, brought to you by the Sassy Pharmacist, feature IT irritations, confusing names, and patients who expect a psychic pharmacist.

IT Irritation: When you call the IT department because the register broke. Their solution was to "unplug the white cord," but the only cord in the register was black. When I said there was no white cord, they said to just unplug the black cord instead...very helpful.

Do, Re, Me: Patient comes up to the register. We ask them who they are picking up for, and they say, "me."

Name Game: When a patient's real first name is James, but they say Jim, and I spend all day looking for the wrong prescription. Bill instead of William is another example.

Crystal Ball: A patient hands you 8 prescriptions and asks what the total is, like you have psychic powers.

Bossy patients, abandoned prescriptions, drive-through demands? We want to know! Send your pet peeves to We'll share them here and online.

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