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Pharmacy TimesSeptember 2009
Volume 75
Issue 9

Fludarabine Phosphate for Injection

Sagent Pharmaceuticals Inc (Schaumburg, IL) has announced the launch of fludarabine phosphate for injection, USP. Equivalent to Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals’ Fludara, fludarabine phosphate for injection is indicated for the treatment of adult patients with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia who have not responded to, or whose disease has progressed during, treatment with at least 1 standard alkylating agent— containing regimen. Available in 50-mg single-dose vials, fludarabine phosphate for injection is free of latex and preservatives. Its packaging and labeling is specially designed to promote safety and help to reduce medication errors, with easy-to-read drug name and dosage strength, as well as bar coding.

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Allergan, Inc (Irvine, CA) has gained FDA approval for Ozurdex (dexamethasone intravitreal implant) 0.7 mg, the first and only drug therapy indicated for the treatment of macular edema subsequent to branch retinal vein occlusion or central retinal vein occlusion. Administered through intravitreal injection, Ozurdex delivers its corticosteroid via Novadur, Allergan’s solid polymer delivery system. The delivery system allows Ozurdex, a biodegradable implant, to provide the extended release of a consistent low level of dexamethasone, maintaining edema control and improving safety. Following the intravitreal injection of Ozurdex under controlled, aseptic conditions, patients should be monitored for possible elevations in intraocular pressure and for endophthalmitis. They also should be instructed to report any symptoms of endophthalmitis.

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Introcan Safety IV Catheter

B. Braun Medical Inc (Bethlehem, PA) launched its passive Introcan Safety IV Catheter, which is engineered to minimize inadvertent needle sticks without requiring user activation. Equipped with a stainless steel safety clip to shield the needle tip, the Introcan Safety IV Catheter makes noncompliance nearly impossible, as the safety mechanism cannot be bypassed. A syringe can be attached before insertion to facilitate aspiration and injection during insertion. The passive design of the Introcan Safety IV Catheter not only increases safety, but also provides for minimal in-service training. It is available in a wide range of gauges and lengths, in PUR and FEP, and with or without wings to help meet safety compliance initiatives. The Introcan Safety IV Catheter is a cornerstone product in B. Braun’s “People, Products and Programs” safety initiative.

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IntelliFlowRx Upgrade

Baxa Corporation (Englewood, CO) has introduced an upgrade to its IntelliFlowRx workflow management system. Aimed at advancing safety and accuracy in pharmacy-based intravenous (IV) admixture preparation, simplifying compliance with sterile preparation regulatory steps, and providing for improved oversight of IV room operations, IntelliflowRx is now enhanced by a number of new features. The newly added capability of defining specific workflows for different types of doses within the health system pharmacy enables the preparation of oral liquid doses using IntelliFlowRx. The system also can now manage dose kitting processes for pharmacies that assemble sets of doses and their specific ingredients outside of the IV room. New audio alerts bring potential errors or discrepancies to the attention of pharmacy technicians, providing for greater production efficiency and a reduction in medication errors. Upcoming upgrades to IntelliFlowRx will integrate the software with existing Baxa automation in order to offer smoother workflow management for health system pharmacies. They are slated for later this year.

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