House Rx and QCCA Partner to Improve Medically Integrated Drug Dispensing at Community Oncology Clinics


House Rx, the platform for medically integrated dispensing of specialty medications, today announced a partnership with the Quality Cancer Care Alliance (QCCA) to provide QCCA-affiliated practices with an analytical snapshot of their in-office specialty drug dispensing operations, known as “medically integrated dispensing.” The partnership will enable the 16 members of QCCA’s clinically-integrated oncology network to receive important dispensing-related quality and operational metrics.

“Medically integrated dispensing of specialty therapies is an important aspect of oncology care and we are excited to partner with House Rx to help us better understand how our member practices can improve their existing in-house specialty medication dispensing,” said Mark Nelson, PharmD, Chief Business Development Officer of the Quality Cancer Care Alliance Network (QCCA) and CEO of Northwest Medical Specialties.

All QCCA practices will receive a one-time analysis of their in-office specialty drug dispensing operations utilizing data from the practice’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Pharmacy Management System (PMS). QCCA practices who elect to use House Rx’s medically integrated dispensing service will have access to ongoing, real-time dispensing analytics via the House Rx technology platform. Currently, two member practices — Northwest Medical Specialties and Cancer Care Associates of York — partner with House Rx to manage their in-office medically integrated dispensing programs.

“Medically integrated dispensing brings immense value to patients and practices, but it takes the right combination of dispensing expertise and sophisticated technology to truly be successful,” said Tesh Kullar, President and Co-Founder of House Rx. “We’re applying our expertise in technology to enable community clinics who choose to adopt MID to excel at this care model and offer the best possible patient care.”

Sibel Blau, MD, President & CEO of QCCA and Medical Director at Northwest Medical Specialties, said, “We’ve historically lacked sophisticated technology to successfully optimize the operations and improve the quality of our MID programs over time. House Rx’s analyses will provide the desired visibility into the performance of the MID operations at our QCCA member practices. Insights such as prescribing patterns across providers, time-to-fill rates, success rates for prior authorization submissions, and other key data points will go a long way towards helping our practices improve and optimize their dispensing operations.”

For those practices that don’t currently offer medically integrated dispensing, House Rx’s analysis will showcase opportunities to offer their patients a convenient and efficient way to access the therapies they need.

SOURCE: House Rx

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