Here's What You Had to Say About World Pharmacist Day 2019


Wednesday was World Pharmacist Day, and pharmacists all around the world celebrated their profession. We asked why you were thankful to be a pharmacist and how you were celebrating, and you responded!

Wednesday was World Pharmacist Day, and pharmacists all around the world celebrated the profession.

On Facebook we asked why you’re thankful to be a pharmacist, and you responded! Here are some of the best responses:

  • Prisca C. said, "Keeping patients healthy is my number one goal asa pharmacist. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of my patients every day #ilovemyprofession"
  • Jennifer C. said, "I'm thankful to be a pharmacist because I make a difference in people's lives every day. My primary goal is to help my patients stay healthy. ❤"
  • Kathy D. said, "Couldn't ask for a better profession to take care of my patients! Giving back to my community! Happy Pharmacist Day! ❤"
  • Danijela D. said, "Thankful because my childhood dream to be a pharmacist became true #apharmacistis"
  • Nogoli M. said, "To have the knowledge and power to positively impact the lives of others and to be able to relieve human suffering is why I'm grateful ❤❤ #apharmacistis"
  • Becca C. said, "I like helping people, especially veterans."

Here's what you had to say on Twitter:

  • @pappi620 said, "It's World Pharmacist Day! Talk to your local pharmacist today on how to safely and effectively take your medications ❤ #LoveMyJob #WeCareAboutYou #WorldPharmacistDay2019 @Pharmacy_Times"

On Instagram we asked how you were celebrating:

  • @pharmacistsguide said, "Working as a regulatory/compliance pharmacist - I love it!"
  • @valerieeschbacher said, "I'll be talking to junior high kids about pharmacist."
  • @rxnic said, "Working as a clinical peds cardio pharmacist. ❤"
  • @ladyclairee_ said, "Creating a healthy life for the patients."

Thank you, pharmacists, for all you do!

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