Engage and Consult: a Service Model Designed to Enable Success

Specialty Pharmacy TimesSeptember/October 2019
Volume 11
Issue 6

Choosing the right partner in this dynamic environment is an important decision for all stakeholders.

The rapid growth of specialty pharmaceuticals creates significant opportunities for patients, pharmacies, and manufacturers; however, big opportunities come with big challenges. Choosing the right partner in this dynamic environment is an important decision for all stakeholders.

MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions (MHA SPS), a Managed Health Care Associates Inc. (MHA) solution, is dedicated to helping those in the specialty market succeed in providing quality patient care and value to their stakeholders through our solutions and services. We approach market needs through a service lens and consistently ask: What is needed to better manage costs? Improve operational efficiencies? Enhance and report patient outcomes? Leverage trends? Grow business?

To find answers to these questions, MHA SPS engages with business partners and members to understand opportunities and challenges unfolding across the specialty landscape. We monitor the latest information on new therapies and specialty generics, regulatory and payer demands for patient outcome evidence, and other market trends that could impact an organization’s success. We are closely connected with professional associations and other advocates of specialty pharmacy, often serving in leadership positions.

Our expert Legislative Affairs Team connects members with their legislators, provides resources to highlight the important contributions members provide to health care, supports members in advocating their interests, and keeps stakeholders informed about relevant new laws and policies. Valuable engagements, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the specialty market, allow MHA SPS to deliver solutions that help fuel business growth for both members and business partners.

Delivering On Our Model: Exceptional Service, Extraordinary People

At the core of the value MHA SPS brings is an experienced account management team made up of experts in their designated classes of trade. Our associates engage frequently with mem- bers during business reviews to gain a deep understanding of their needs and overall strategic vision. Through this consultative approach, the team identifies resources and opportunities that can help members achieve their goals.

“MHA SPS provides BioMatrix with innovative specialty services and solutions to help support our business growth,” said Keith McGee, PharmD, vice president of pharma relations, BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy. “Their consultative approach and consistent engagement provide our pharmacy with insights and opportunities to maximize success.”

A Broad Spectrum of Specialty Solutions and Services

MHA SPS focuses on developing and delivering a broad, flexible portfolio of timely and targeted solutions. For example, a comprehensive portfolio of pharmaceutical, business, and medical products and services helps position members for success as they continue to diversify and grow. Our robust specialty pharmaceutical contract portfolio alone consists of over 200 products in 16 key therapeutic areas. In addition, our Clinical Team provides extensive services and resources, including detailed pipeline reports.

“We are committed to providing resources to help evaluate emerging treatments and evolving best practices,” said Stacey Ness, PharmD, RPh, CSP, MSCS, AAHIVP, senior director of MHA Specialty Clinical Services. “The tools MHA SPS offer help pharmacies make strategic decisions that support quality care and prepare them for growth opportunities.”

Providing Access to Technology Tools Designed for the Specialty Market

With demand for access to technology that streamlines processes and provides data, MHA SPS continues to make significant investments in innovative software solutions and data collection and reporting tools that open the door to more efficient, effective, scalable processes for our members.

For example, we recently introduced MHALinkTM powered by Citus Health, a secure, HIPAA-compliant, automated, digital workflow and patient engagement platform that streamlines communication with patients, caregivers, and referral sources. Analyses of findings with post—acute care providers show the interactive platform can cut in half the number of calls from staff to patients, empower patients to get immediate answers to routine questions, and replace time-consuming and inefficient paper-based processes.

MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions: Designed to Enable Success

Understanding the specialty landscape through consistent engagement with industry stakeholders enables MHA SPS to offer valuable and innovative solutions that address specialty pharmacy challenges. Our expertise uniquely positions us to help members drive business growth in this dynamic environment. To find out more, visit mhainc.com or email mhaspecialty@mhainc.com

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