Drug Recall, Generic Bone Cancer Medication Launch Highlights Specialty Pharmacy Week in Review


A look back at the top stories on Specialty Pharmacy Times from May 4 to May 8.

A look back at the top stories on Specialty Pharmacy Times from May 4 to May 8.

Delaying Hepatitis C Treatment Increases Death Risk

Delays can negatively affect treatment efficacy and the risk of morbidity and mortality among patients.


Vaccine Enhances Effect of HIV Drugs

Boosting immune system improves efficacy of antiretroviral drugs.


Hepatitis C Increases Likelihood of Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer rates significantly greater compared with non-infected individuals.


Generic Levoleucovorin Launched by Sandoz

Levoleucovorin is for rescue use after high-dose methotrexate therapy in bone cancer.


Prime Time for HIV Prevention Counseling

Expanded hours may be needed to overcome treatment obstacles.


Lung Cancer Mortality May be Lowered by Long-Term Statin Use

Researchers find significant reduction in lung cancer-specific deaths.


HIV Increases Risk of Age-Related Vision Loss

Age-related macular degeneration greater in HIV-infected patients.


Teva Recalls Adrucil Injections Distributed to Pharmacies

Particulate matter found in 8 lots of Adrucil 50 mg/mL.


Diet Effects Colon Cancer Risk

Diets with more animal protein and less soluble fiber increases cancer risk.


Extended Hemophilia Treatment Safe and Effective in Children

Combination of recombinant factor VIII with a fusion protein allows for less frequent treatment.


Telomerase-Inhibition May Change Cancer Treatment

Genetically determined telomere length may not influence mortality.


Subdermal Implant Delivers Potent HIV Therapy

Implant delivers sustained release of ARV drugs up to 40 days with no adverse side effects.


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