Diamond Nanocrystal Laser as a New Cancer Therapy

Process improves the accuracy of cancer treatments.

Process improves the accuracy of cancer treatments.

Scientists have created a hypersensitive nanoprobe that targets cancer cells with a localized laser.

Targeting cancer cells in treatments, while making sure that they do not affect other cells, can at times present a significant challenge. Scientists at the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences at the Academia Sinica, Taipei have modified a fluorescent diamond nanocrystal to specifically target cancer cells.

The team, led by Pei-Chang Tsai, attached gold nanoprods to the diamond nanocrystal. The effect from this process created a heating source with a very specific target, which is activated based on the temperature and magnetic field.

This study has improved the accuracy of cancer treatments. By using the diamond nanocrystal, scientists will be better able to monitor the amount of heat delivered to cancer cells, with less error.

This study was published in EPJ QT.