Asembia: Proven Collaborative Solutions for Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy TimesSeptember/October 2019
Volume 11
Issue 6

As a dedicated partner to the specialty pharmacy industry, Asembia provides a complete ecosystem of products and services focused on driving value in this market.

As a dedicated partner to the specialty pharmacy industry, Asembia provides a complete ecosystem of products and services focused on driving value in this market.

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

Asembia is the largest specialty pharmacy group purchasing organization (GPO) in the United States. Its diverse membership includes specialty pharmacies, alternate care pharmacies, health systems, and retail pharmacies serving a range of patients requiring complex medication therapy management. Asembia’s GPO programs include traditional up-front discounts, rebates, fee-for-service agreements, data fees, and other similar programs that help its pharmacy members and manufacturer partners achieve their business and financial goals. The gateway to the specialty pharmacy industry, Asembia is the first point of contact for pharma/biotech manufacturers and other vendors within this market.

Hub Services

Asembia’s Patient Support Center utilizes cutting-edge technology and proprietary software to simplify and streamline the benefit investigation process, then routes prescriptions to an appropriate dispensing pharmacy, while improving the quality of the patient experience along the way. Asembia’s URAC-accredited call centers employ highly qualified clinical specialists and compassionate care coordinators who collaborate closely with all professionals involved. These extensive services ensure patients are fully supported throughout their course of medication therapy. With coast-to-coast redundant call center locations, Asembia offers extended service hours with a reliable uninterrupted business model.

Asembia is at the forefront, driving work flow efficiencies to enable scalable fulfillment models for specialty, specialty lite and primary care products. Our managed retail network provides robust services and support for retail products in categories that struggle with nonadherent populations and/or contain clinically complex products (but fall outside the specialty cost threshold). This allows us to deliver support services at high volume to improve access and patient experience while maintaining favorable economics.

Technology Solutions

Asembia has always been focused on supporting the growing demand for specialty pharmaceutical services with new and innovative technologies. Asembia’s unique technology solutions are utilized by some of the largest specialty pharmacies in the nation as well as local and national retail pharmacies, hospital integrated delivery networks, acute outpatient pharmacies, pharmaceutical/biotech manufacturers, prescribers, and patients.

The dynamic Asembia-1 specialty pharmacy work flow platform integrates with most commercially available pharmacy dispensing systems. This web-based system optimizes overall patient management and enables the fulfillment of manufacturer requirements for data reporting and certain Asembia GPO programs. Through the Asembia-1 platform, Asembia provides HIPAA-compliant, real-time dashboards and reports to drive the data analytic needs of manufacturer partners.

Pharmacy Network

Asembia’s network of specialty, retail and health system pharmacies (ASPN) is the largest of its kind in the industry. More than 15 years in the making, ASPN connects pharma/biotech manufacturers and patients with targeted dispensing pharmacies. Asembia delivers these services through either a national or customized sub-network to scale and optimize any program’s goals. ASPN prescription triage services include many technologi- cal advantages, such as pharmacy dashboards and visibility to real-time fill status. ASPN also serves as a prescription transfer program that acts as a single point of contact and clearinghouse for prescriptions that cannot be filled, for any reason, by the referring pharmacy.

Specialty Pharmacy Summit

Asembia is also the founder and host of the largest annual US health care conference for specialty pharmacy. The 2020 Specialty Pharmacy Summit will welcome thousands of industry executives and decision makers representing organizations across the industry. Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of specialty pharmacy, including expert insights on key trends and industry challenges. The variety of business and educational sessions, range of expert speakers, and extensive networking opportunities make the Asembia summit a must-attend event for every specialty pharmacy stakeholder.

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