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iStudiez Pro keeps busy student schedules, homework assignments, and other pertinent course details—such as instructor or class location—in the user’s iPhone or iPad. The app’s Today view provides a summary of current classes, tasks, and assignments. A grade and GPA calculator allows users to keep track of their grades throughout the semester, and supports letter, percent, and points-based grading scales.

Price: $2.99

Compatible With: iPhone, iPad


This schedule management application allows Android users to manage their courses, and course details, class events, exams, and assignments. Class Buddy Pro allows users to sync with Google Docs, to export events to e-mail or text messages, and allows auto-syncing to Google Calendar. A reminder feature allows for alerts when items, tests, or other commitments are on the horizon. An expense manager allows students to keep track of spending as well, and the app also provides password protection for security.

Price: $1.99

Compatible With: Android devices


Recommended by one of Pharmacy Times’ staff pharmacists, Tarascon Pharmacopoeia brings the trusted drug reference to mobile devices. In addition to expanded drug information from the deluxe edition of the print product, it provides free and continuous content information for 1 year after the initial purchase. An herbal and alternative therapy section, 47 drug reference tables, and 15 drug calculators are included in the app. The app also includes relative pricing codes and exact prices through an integration with

Price: $39.99

Compatible With: Android devices, iPhone, iPad

Download: iTunes: http:// Android:

This business recording app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch can be used to record important lectures, while also permitting file compression—so an hour-long lecture recording takes up less than 30MB of space. An Auto-Save feature ensures recordings are not lost, and enhanced recording volume allows audio capture even at long distances. Users can also add notes to tracks, and tag tracks with recognizable information for identification later.

Price: $2.99

Compatible With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Download: iTunes:

CourseSmart, an eTextbook and digital resource provider, offers many core college textbooks—without the weight of the books. Its iPad, iPhone, and Android apps allow for on-the-go access to textbooks, and allow multiple texts to be stored on a single device. Users can also read their textbooks through CourseSmart’s website, which works with most web browsers. Users should note that the apps are free; however, they will still need to purchase the textbooks through either redemption codes available at their libraries or inside the app itself.

Price: Free, but textbooks will need to be purchased following publisher directions.

Compatible With: iPhone, iPad, Android devices

Download: iTunes: Android:

A high-quality voice recorder, Tape-a-Talk allows Android users to record voice memos or notes, as well as long lectures. It allows high- or low-quality recordings, as well as the capability to rename or send recordings, or, if the user has Dropbox, to upload them there. Recordings are stored in .wav format and are written to the device’s SD card, and can be edited later if desired. Tape-a-Talk is available in a free, ad-supported version, or an ad-free pro version is also available.

Price: Free

Compatible With: Android