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Patient Care Provider of the Year

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For Andrew Dum, RPh, improved patient care begins with improved education, training, and support for the pharmacists on the front lines of care.

In his position as a clinical programs specialist for Ahold USA Inc, Dum improves patient care programs and provides guidance for the pharmacists of Giant, Martin’s, and Stop & Shop pharmacies. Dum coordinated Ahold USA’s first series of comprehensive medication review days. During these events, pharmacists performed comprehensive medication reviews, increasing the number of completed reviews by 700%. In addition, he was instrumental in piloting a new medication therapy management program in the supermarket pharmacies.

Dum recently launched the first travel health clinic in Washington, DC, and another in Havertown, Pennsylvania. He also provides support for 10 additional travel clinics. Under his guidance, the pharmacists who work in these clinics have received training and now provide pre-travel consultations, recommending destination-specific immunizations and prophylactic medications.

To provide further training to the company’s pharmacists, Dum became a certified CPR instructor in 2013. Dum offers CPR certification to the pharmacists and also educates pharmacists on diabetes care. As a certified instructor for the American Pharmacists Association’s patient-centered diabetes care course, Dum trained approximately 60 pharmacists in 2013.

Not only does Dum work to educate current pharmacists, but also strives to guide rising pharmacists. Dum currently serves as a preceptor for the community pharmacy introductory experience program at the Philadelphia Pharmacy School of the University of the Sciences, a preceptor for the community pharmacy rotation at the Temple University School of Pharmacy, and as an instructor for the Giant Pharmacy summer intern program. In addition, Dum trains new pharmacist hires for Giant Food Stores.

In addition to his efforts in training and education, Dum also provides support for pharmacists by publishing 2 bimonthly newsletters which focus on diabetes care and immunizations.

Dum has been named Ahold USA’s Associate of the Year in recognition of his achievements.

Since graduating as the valedictorian of her class at the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy at Long Island University, Jennifer Feig now overachieves in patient care as the pharmacy manager at Duane Reade in New York City.

“Ms. Feig is hardworking and sensitive. Her attention to detail has saved lives on several occasions that I know of,” her nomination read.

These instances include saving an infant when a physician prescribed an overdose, detecting a Coumadin and Cipro interaction that had potentially lethal complications in a debilitated patient, and preventing another overdose error with a high risk of antibiotic resistance. In each circumstance, Dr. Feig contacted physicians multiple times, to discuss the individual cases. Using her interpersonal skills, she was able to work with the physician in each case and correct each mistake, avoiding any serious adverse reactions.

In another instance, Dr. Feig helped to provide necessary care for a Spanish tourist visiting her pharmacy who was unaware that his blood pressure was too high. After screening the patient and noticing his dangerously high blood pressure, Dr. Feig called a local physician and secured the patient an appointment for the same day.

Dr. Feig uses the same attention to detail to carefully monitor a range of complex patients each day. Her nominator, a physicians practicing in the same area as her pharmacy, relies on Dr. Feig to help manage some of her most difficult patients, visiting her at least once a week and sometimes calling her multiple times a day.

In addition to these efforts on behalf of patients, Dr. Feig was instrumental in establishing her pharmacy’s blood pressure screening program. She also works to improve medication adherence and has a special interest in vaccine protocols.

“I consider myself lucky that she takes the time out from her extremely busy days to pitch in with caring for my own demanding patient population that has extremely complicated medical and interpersonal needs,” her nominator wrote.

Julienne Tran, PharmD, FAPhA, works behind the scenes, supporting supermarket pharmacists to improve pharmacy operations and patient care.

As the clinical programs specialist for Ahold USA, Inc, Dr. Tran is committed to improving patient care in Giant and Stop & Shop pharmacies. In this position, she served as the lead project manager for clinical programs that included diabetic food tours, health screening events, Zostavax clinics, therapy management services, and the services related to the H1N1 crisis. In addition, she developed and trained pharmacists to provide health screenings for blood glucose, cholesterol, and A1C testing. Dr. Tran also initiated the Massachusetts Contraception Protocol, and helped to expand Stop & Shop’s participation in the Massachusetts Emergency Contraceptive Program to approximately 30 stores.

In this role, she has coordinated the launch of 4 travel clinics in Pennsylvania, securing necessary registrations, coordinating training, and developing the program’s procedures. These pharmacies offer pretravel consultations which include immunizations and preventative medications.

Dr. Tran is also dedicated to improving care for diabetes patients. As a certified instructor for the American Pharmacists Association’s patient-centered diabetes care course, she trained approximately 20 pharmacists in 2013. After the course, the pharmacists she trained reported feeling more confident and capable in counseling and educating their diabetes patients.

“Julienne’s efforts in the area of diabetes care are changing the way our pharmacists approach their practice,” her nomination read.

In addition to her work in diabetes care, Dr. Tran is also directly involved in the immunization efforts of the pharmacies. She helped to expand the program by coordinating training and supporting new immunizations for more than 500 pharmacies across 10 states. Her support of the program led to a 300% increase in workplace flu clinic revenue and a 37% increase in Zostavax immunizations. She also built partnerships with local physicians and nurse practitioners to develop state-specific immunization protocols.

To further support Giant and Stop & Shop pharmacists, Dr. Tran publishes 2 bimonthly newsletters focusing on diabetes care and immunizations.

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