2013 Technician of the Year

Pharmacy Technician of the Year

Technician of the Year

For HM1 Angela Calalo, improving the process of dispensing medication is a key to enhancing patient care.

During her first assignment at the US Branch Medical Clinic Pharmacy in Iwakuni, Japan, HM1 Calalo managed an annual budget of more than $400,000. While assigned to US Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, she exhibited high professional standards as outpatient supervisor and narcotic vault custodian.

After a promotion to lead technician at the largest overseas military treatment facility in Okinawa, Japan, HM1 Calalo was tasked with supervising 40 technicians in outpatient and inpatient pharmacies. She was later assigned as the lead technician at Branch Health Clinic Bangor in Bremerton, Washington.

HM1 Calalo’s knowledge of pharmacy regulations and experience with Joint Commission assignment with the US Naval Hospital Guam’s Inspection Team. The team prepared 50 hospital departments for the Joint Commission survey. She is the lead pharmacy technician at the hospital, where she works with civilian and military technicians and provides health care to active duty, retirees, and other military beneficiaries. In addition to processing numerous medications, HM1 Calalo is involved with managing the pharmacy’s $5 million budget.

Her participation in a Lean Six Sigma project reduced patient wait time by 55%, saved 952 personnel hours, and generated $17,000 in cost savings. A remodeling of the pharmacy’s customer service department led to the department receiving the 2012 Outstanding Customer Service award.

HM1 Angela Calalo was hand-picked to implement enterprise-wide Standard Operating Procedures for outpatient, inpatient, telepharmacy, and administrative functions in 50 US Navy pharmacy facilities throughout the world.

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