2013 Rising Star of the Year

Rising Star of the Year

At the Choctaw Nation Health Care Center, patients in the tobacco cessation clinic receive a combination of medication and follow-up counseling, leading to a high success rate.

The accomplishment comes from the work of Dr. Randy Steers, who implemented the clinic while a post-doctoral resident at the clinic.

LCDR Steers, a commissioned officer in the US Public Health Service, has built on that success in both professional and patient care capacities at the health center.

As assistant chief of pharmacy-inpatient manager, LCDR Steers maintains a positive relationship with physicians, nurses, and pharmacists that encourages collaboration and increases reliance on pharmacists’ skills. His policies and procedures for the health center’s antibiotic stewardship program allow pharmacists to have an expanded role in antibiotic selection, while also reducing costs and improving patient care.

In addition, his pharmacy-based vancomycin clinic has providers request that pharmacists determine an initial medication dose and monitor the trough for adjustments.

LCDR Steers also supervises 9 pharmacists and 8 technicians. “He has great skill at inspiring other staff to perform their best and strive to reach their potential,” said his nominator. “He is very personable and has a friendship bond with many staff members. However, he is impartial and fair in all his interactions with the staff.”

LCDR Steer’s efforts have stream-lined his department, allowing it to reduce clutter, decrease errors, and increase efficiency. He also implemented more effective scheduling for inpatient staff that optimizes their function and involvement with patients and physicians.

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