2013 Civic Leader of the Year

Civic Leader of the Year

Civic Leader of the Year

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Kevin Musto has dedicated his time to improving patient care, supporting his fellow pharmacists, and inspiring students with the ultimate goal of making patients healthier and more knowledgeable about their medications.

Throughout his career, spanning over 20 years, Musto has worked as a community, hospital, and consultant pharmacist. In 2007, he opened his own patient-centered pharmacy, which provides medication counseling, diabetic screenings, cholesterol screenings, compounding, animal compounding, immunizations, and other services.

Musto’s efforts to support his community began well before the doors of Atlantic Apothecary opened. He has served on Delaware Pharmacists Society’s Board of Directors for most of his career, holding several leadership positions and serving as society president from 1997 to 1999. To further the reach of the society, he founded the Harry Levin Center for Pharmacy and History, which houses meetings, provides an education center for pharmacists and technicians, and showcases the history of Delaware Pharmacy.

Musto also works as Delaware’s Strategic National Stockpile Coordinator with the Delaware Public Health Preparedness Section. In this position, he has developed bioterrorism awareness trainings for pharmacists and technicians, assisted in developing statewide medication distribution plans, and supervised in-state stockpiling of medications and vaccines.

Musto also finds time to assist with medication delivery in public emergencies, such as working with Delaware Public Health after Hurricane Sandy.

In 2004, Musto established the non-profit Delaware Pharmacist Education Center, which offers scholarships to Delaware pharmacy students. Although there is no pharmacy school in the state, Musto hopes the program encourages students to return to Delaware to practice pharmacy.

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