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‣ NCR Prescription Drop-Off Simplifies Rx Process

NCR Corp (Dayton, OH) recentlylaunched NCR Prescription Drop-Off,a self-service kiosk solution that makesit simpler for retail pharmacy patients todrop off and pay for prescriptions duringand after business hours. This multichannelsolution helps individuals avoidlines and eliminate multiple trips to thepharmacy by simplifying routine transactions.New prescriptions are submittedvia the kiosk while refill requests can bemade via kiosk, phone, or Web. Once therequest is made, the patient receivesa bar-coded receipt, and the request isforwarded to the pharmacist. When theorder is ready, an e-mail, phone, or textalert is generated and sent directly tothe patient, who presents the bar-codedreceipt to the cashier or pays for theprescription at the kiosk. Patients havethe option of printing information aboutspecific drugs or conditions at the kioskor requesting that this information besent to them as an e-mail. For moreinformation, visit, or call800-CALL-NCR (800-225-5627).

‣ DIR Helps Patients Take Their Meds

HealthHonors' (Norwell, MA) technologyplatform Dynamic IntermittentReinforcement (DIR) delivers patientsthe opportunity for immediate rewardsin the form of points, as determined by asuite of complex behavioral algorithms.AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP recentlyimplemented the technology platformto help patients remember to take theirmedicine as prescribed. HealthHonorsDIR technology harnesses principlesdeveloped by behaviorist B. F. Skinner,including the use of intermittent reinforcementschedules, a linked behavior/reward sequence, and education tocondition patients. The patient-centeredsolution is convenient, simple, and fun,resulting in increased utilization andgreater sustainability. The DIR technologyis fully automated, scalable, and easilyintegrated into each client?fs front-endconsumer platform. For more information,visit

‣ RxSpec 700Z Detects Counterfeit Drugs

ASD Inc's (Boulder, CO) RxSpec 700Zis a portable counterfeit drug detectionsystem. The system can analyze any oralsolid dosage drug on the spot, regardlessof location. With a wavelength range of350 to 2500 nm, the RxSpec 700Z notonly analyzes the active pharmaceuticalingredient, but the entire chemicalcompound as well. The result is a complete?gfingerprint?h that either confirmsthe authenticity or identifies the pill ascounterfeit. The RxSpec 700Z providestrue portability with AC/DC operation;real-time results on the spot; nondestructive,no sample preparation or waste; andcomplete chemical analysis. The RxSpec700Z works by lifting the lid and placingthe tablet on the analysis window. Touchthe icon that corresponds to the drug inquestion on the touch-screen computer,and within seconds, the system indicateswhether the product is genuine or counterfeitusing pass or fail indicators. Formore information, visit

‣ flexTRAX Offers FSA Solution

KeyCentrix Inc (Wichita, KS) and RetailManagement Solutions (Olympia, WA)have collaborated to develop a flexiblespending account (FSA) card processingsolution. The new company, flexTRAXSolutions, provides independent pharmacieswith an alternative to a traditionalpoint of sale (POS) and enablespharmacies to continue processing FSAcards after January 1, 2009, when a newIRS regulation becomes effective. TheflexTRAX system is an IIAS-compliantsystem that enables pharmacies to continueaccepting FSA cards. Pharmaciescan use flexTRAX to ring up sales; verifywhich items are FSA eligible; tender paymentsby FSA card, credit/debit card,cash, or check; and print receipts. TheflexTRAX application runs on a WindowsPC with minimal hardware and verifieseach item against the SIGIS Eligible ItemsList; therefore, pharmacies must registerwith SIGIS to use flexTRAX. The registrationalso ensures that the pharmacy isplaced on the SIGIS Merchant List. Formore information, visit

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