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PharmaSURE Addresses Patient Safety Challenges

Sure ID?s (Marlton, NJ) PharmaSURE patient safety automation suite is unique in that it uses the capability of pedigree authentication of medications while simultaneously using a multimodal Web software-as-a-service approach to allow medications to be dispensed, administered, and monitored from anywhere. Safety automation is the primary focus of PharmaSURE, with its Dynamic Authentication feature, which automatically executes the correct authentication method needed to verify that the product is genuine. The Medication Error Reducer is another safety feature of the automation suite. It automatically identifies the individual, product, and prescription without negatively affecting staff productivity. Using PharmaSURE, medication-use activities are securely and automatically tracked, providing a complete audit trail in fine-grained detail. The product has extensive built-in reports and gives the pharmacy operations staff the ability to create customized ad-hoc reports. PharmaSURE also has the capability to track inventory in real time. For more information, visit, or call 866-4-SUREID (866-478-7343).

Sentri7 Helps Identify Intervention Opportunities

Pharmacy OneSource?s (Bellevue, Wash) Sentri7 is a Web-based rules engine that constantly screens medication, patient, and laboratory data from disparate systems and then presents results on a secure, personalized Web page. By automating the collection and assessment of medication and laboratory data, Sentri7 provides decision support for pharmacists, giving them time to intervene and to carry out additional medication-management activities that reduce costs, improve outcomes, and improve patient safety. Sentri7 works in real time by having the company?s secure Web-based technology interface with an organization?s existing laboratory, patient, and pharmacy systems. Then, Sentri7 constantly runs user-defined rules against these data, presenting matches. Therefore, it is easy to comprehensively monitor antibiotic use, for example, and to efficiently manage clinical workload. For more information, visit, or call 800-654-8395.

Mymedmanager Aids Patient Adherence

Infinisity Inc?s (Washington, DC) Mymedmanager is a comprehensive, easy-to-use system that helps the patient, pharmacist, and physician become a health care team to review medications, manage them, and ensure that they are taken properly. For patients, the system is designed to help one take multiple medications more easily and on schedule. For pharmacists, Mymed-manager can personalize their services to meet the needs of all their patients, as well as conducting Part D medication therapy management patient reviews. The system provides a simple but comprehensive form to list medications and a daily checklist calendar to record when the drugs are taken. Forms are provided to list the patient?s health care and emergency contacts. A medical history chart and quick-reference wallet card also are included. The kit is packaged in a spiral notebook that provides a pocket for prescriptions, physician orders, and other important paperwork. For more information, visit

Long-Term Care Facilities Benefit from FrameworkLTC

SoftWriters Inc?s (Allison Park, Pa) FrameworkLTC enables providers to easily and efficiently manage the complex business of support for long-term care facilities. FrameworkLTC provides support to multiple pharmacies serving multiple facilities; formulary management with real-time compliance checking for pharmacies, facilities, and third parties; extensive patient-profile management with automated medical-records generation; use of bar-code technology that accelerates the data entry process and ensures quality during dispensing and verification operations; automated unit-dose dispensing and billing; integrated compound and intravenous dispensing; online electronic claims adjudication; a retail module for community pharmacy dispensing; and more. FrameworkLTC?s Facility Link component provides the staff at facilities that pharmacies service the ability to view and maintain patient profiles, place drug orders, maintain nondrug orders, and print medical records. PharmScan, a companion product, uses handheld computers equipped with bar-code scanners to automate physical inventory collection, eliminate dispensing errors, and provide the pharmacists with an electronic final review of prescriptions. For more information, call 877-238-4516, or visit

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