Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

Pharmacists are in a position to help educate patientsabout colorectal cancer. Walgreens has partnered withthe Colon Cancer Alliance and Salix Pharmaceuticals tosponsor a national campaign to raise awareness aboutand increase screenings for colorectal cancer.

The program is multitiered. A major component will beproviding informational brochures emphasizing earlydetection and prevention of colorectal cancer at >5600Walgreens locations and online. The program will providecontinuing education for Walgreens'>20,000 pharmaciststo help them become a resource for patients who havequestions about screenings. Pharmacy staff membersalso will receive pocket-sized guidelines for colonoscopyprocedures endorsed by the major patient advocacy andprofessional organizations for quick and easy reference,according to the drugmaker.

Rounding out the campaign is a toll-free help line operatedby the Colon Cancer Alliance. Staff members areavailable to answer questions and offer further assistance.For more information, call 877-422-2030.