Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

Abortion rights activists have launcheda nationwide campaign to "spank" communitypharmacists who do not stockPlan B (levonorgestrel).

The drive, which is directed by theNational Abortion Rights Action League(NARAL), urges women across the countryto either "thank" their local pharmacistsfor carrying the OTC drug or "spank" them for failing to do so. In calling forpharmacist spankings, NARAL urges itssupporters to "take a moment to send anote...expressing your disappointment" over the store's decision not to carryPlan B.

Sample "spanking" letters being circulatedby NARAL suggest that women urgepharmacies around the country to reconsidertheir refusal to stock the OTC."Having a backup birth-control method toprevent unintended pregnancy is animportant option for women in our community," the suggested NARAL letter says."The FDA's decision to allow adults 18and older to purchase [Plan B] without aprescription could help women in ourcommunity prevent unintended pregnancy,but only if pharmacies, like yours,stock it."

Corresponding "thank-you" letters topharmacies that do carry the contraceptiveadvise pharmacy managers that "Iwill be sure to tell my friends and familyabout the availability of Plan B at yourstore."

Officials at NARAL said that, in additionto the thank-or-spank letter-writing drive,they plan to "work with leading pharmacychains to guarantee that Americanwomen have access to a safe and effectivemeans of preventing unintendedpregnancy."