Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

Duke IntegrativeMedicine wantspatients to betterunderstand therapyoptions. Thegroup has compiledinformationon >100 therapiesfor >200 diseasesand conditions intoa new guide tointegrative medicine—The Duke Encyclopediaof New Medicine.

Oftentimes, integrative medicine is incorrectlyused interchangeably with "complementarymedicine" or "alternative medicine."Integrative medicine emphasizes thevery best of conventional medicine andcutting-edge diagnosis and treatment, withevidence-based complementary therapies.All factors that affect health, wellness, anddisease are considered to treat the wholeindividual.

The Duke Encyclopedia of New Medicinetakes the expertise of the Duke IntegrativeMedicine faculty and staff to help patientsmake the best health care decisions fortheir situation. Whether individuals are facinga tough diagnosis, treating a chronic illness,or wanting to maintain good health,the book provides patients with theresources they need to make informeddecisions about their health care. formore information.