IVR and Workflow Advance Pharmacy

Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

The joint efforts between ScriptProand TeleManager Technologies Inc willadvance the functionality for the RefillTeleManager Interactive Voice Response(IVR) System through ScriptPro's SPCentral Workflow System. The newlyintegrated IVR/workflow product providesservices that are distinctive in theindustry. Patients will have more informationregarding the status of their prescriptions,and the pharmacists will knowthe real-time status and locations ofevery prescription.

ScriptPro's integrated IVR allowspatients to call the pharmacy and punchin a prescription number to refill a script.They also can receive complete dataabout the status of a prescription on thephone—ie, whether the physician hasauthorized a refill yet. The pharmacistcan click and view instantly all prescriptionscoming through the IVR and seetheir status on the SP Checkpoint or SPStation workflow screen. Using multimediagraphics, the pharmacist can view,listen, enter data, or transcribe on thescreen. SP Central keeps a log of allpharmacy calls during the past week,and any discrepancies can be investigatedby checking the log.

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