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Airborne On-the-Go and Airborne Nighttime

Marketed by:Airborne(Bonita Springs, Fla)

Indication:Airborne On-the-Go and Airborne Nighttime are herbalsupplements to help boost the immune system andstay healthy year-round. Airborne On-the-Go containsthe same germ-fighting formula that is in regularAirborne, but it is packaged in convenient, individuallywrapped packets. The powder can be poured into anysize water bottle, eliminating the need for a cup orglass. The lemon-lime-flavored mix comes in packetsthat are perfect for travel and can easily fit into a pocket,purse, or briefcase. Airborne Nighttime also providesthe same immune-boosting formula of the originalAirborne but is specially formulated with 4 additionalherbal extracts that help soothe and relax peoplefor a restful night's sleep. Both products retail for$6.99.

For More Information:www.airbornehealth.com

Diabetic Tussin Night Time Formula Cold/Flu Relief

Marketed by:Health Care Products (Amityville, NY), adivision of Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co Inc

Indication:Diabetic Tussin Night Time FormulaCold/Flu Relief temporarily relievescommon cold/flu symptoms includingcough due to minor throat andbronchial irritation, sore throat,headache, minor aches and pains, muscularaches, fever, runny nose, andsneezing. The dosing requirement isevery 4 to 6 hours, not to exceed 6 doses in 24 hours.

For More Information:www.diabeticproducts.com866-263-9003

Ginkgo Vital 3

Marketed by:HealthAid America(Foster City, Calif)

Indication:Ginkgo Vital 3 helps to enhancemental clarity, physicalstrength, and endurancethrough its unique combinationof quality, standarized herbal extracts. Theproduct contains Sibergin Siberian Eleuthero, a superioradaptogen known to enhance the body's ability tocope with mental and physical stress, as well asKoregin Panax Ginseng, which helps to enhance physicalstrength and endurance. It also improves oxygenuse in the body and brain. Ginkgo Vital 3, which retailsfor $29.95, is available in 30 soft-gel capsules.

For More Information:www.healthaidamerica.com800-320-5699

Glutose 15

Marketed by:Paddock Laboratories Inc(Minneapolis, Minn)

Indication:Paddock Laboratories Increcently introduced new grapeGlutose 15 and improvedlemon Glutose 15, as well assmaller packaging. The oral glucosegel is indicated to treathypoglycemia. A simple monosaccharidesugar affects bloodglucose rapidly. Glutose 15encourages rapid ingestion of15 g of pure glucose (dextrose).The 15-g, one-dose tube eliminates counting,chewing, and measuring. The products are ideal forschool nurses and athletic coaches for fast responseto hypoglycemia.

For More Information:www.glutose.com800-328-5113

I57 Ignite

Marketed by:Windmill Health Products(West Caldwell, NJ)

Indication:I57 Ignite is a new thermogeniccompound. Theberry Cha De Bugre isthe secret to the product.The berry is found inthe rainforests of Braziland is used for energyand alertness. Research has also indicated that theberry can speed up the metabolism, which helps burncalories and fat. Available in 60 capsules, I57 Igniteretails for $39.95.

For More Information:www.windmillvitamins.com800-822-4320

LifeSource UA-705 Advanced Manual Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor

Marketed by:A&D Medical(Milpitas, Calif)

Indication:LifeSource UA-705 Advanced Manual Inflate BloodPressure Monitor is now clinically validated, accordingto a study published in Blood Pressure MonitoringMagazine (August 2006). Clinical validation means thismonitor satisfies the British Hypertension Society'sstandards for accuracy by achieving an "A" grade inboth systolic and diastolic pressure measurement.The monitor incorporates digital blood pressure technologyand advanced features. The monitor stores thelast 30 readings in memory and also displays averagereadings. LifeSource UA-705 Advanced Manual InflateBlood Pressure Monitor also offers the PressureRating Indicator and Irregular Heartbeat features.

For More Information:www.andmedical.comwww.lifesourceonline.com888-726-9966

One-A-Day All-Day Energy

Marketed by:Bayer Consumer Care Division(Morristown, NJ)

Indication:One-A-Day All-Day Energy is a multivitamin with higherlevels of B vitamins to help convert food to energyplus an extended-release guarana blend to help themind and body "feel" energetic throughout the day.The product helps maintain a healthy immune systemwith vitamins C and A, selenium, and zinc. The multivitaminalso helps support a healthy heart with vitaminsB6, B12, C, and E. The recommendeddose is 1tablet daily with food.Available in 50-countand 125-count bottles,One-A-Day All-DayEnergy retails between$8.29 and $9.29.

For More Information:www.oneaday.com800-800-4793

Orajel Kids Sore Throat Relief Strips

Marketed by:Del Pharmaceuticals Inc(Uniondale, NY), a division ofDel Laboratories Inc

Indication:Specially formulated for easy usefor parents and acceptance bychildren, Orajel Kids Sore ThroatRelief Strips dissolve quickly in themouth to soothe pain and irritation. Theproduct delivers relief of discomfort and protection ofirritated areas in the sore mouth and throat. Thesugar-free strips are available in cool cherry flavor.Orajel Kids Sore Throat Relief Strips retail between$3.99 and $4.99.

For More Information:www.orajel.com800-952-5080

ToothFresh Dry Toothpaste

Marketed by:Wizard Industries Inc (Glendale, Calif)

Indication:ToothFresh Dry Toothpaste is an herbal, all-naturalpowdered toothpaste that cleans teeth and freshensbreath. Because it is a nonliquid, the product canlegally be taken on US airliners. The product, madewith pure baking soda,comes in a variety offlavors and packagesizes including "carry-ons" —small pouchesthat can be easily carriedin a pocket or apurse.

For MoreInformation:www.ToothFresh.com866-781-8033

Children's Claritin Grape Chewables

Marketed by:Schering-Plough Corp(Kenilworth, NJ)

Indication:Children's Claritin GrapeChewables are a pleasant-tasting, convenient, and easy-to-take form ofChildren's Claritin that relieves children's worst allergysymptoms without causing jitteriness or drowsiness.The product is safe for children aged 2 years and up.

For More Information:www.claritin.com

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