Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

The dual-status Rx/OTC version ofPlan B (levonorgestrel) is now availablein pharmacies. Duramed PharmaceuticalsInc, a wholly owned subsidiaryof Barr Pharmaceuticals, beganshipping the medication in midNovember.

The dual-label product is approvedfor OTC sale for women aged18 and older. The Plan B OTC/Rx versionwill be marketed as a singlepackage, which will allow for an Rxlabel to be affixed to the packagewhen dispensed to girls aged 17 andyounger. Because Plan B remains aprescription product for adolescents,it will be available only inretail pharmacy outlets from behindthe counter and under the supervisionof a pharmacist.

The FDA granted Duramed 3-yearexclusivity for Plan B, based on clinicalstudies conducted for OTC approval.The exclusivity is valid untilAugust 2009.

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