Alliance Creates Integrated Retail Automation System

Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

Cardinal Health, PAR Technology Corp,and ECR Software Corp have formed astrategic alliance. The group will create asolution to provide supply chain andmarketing automation for CardinalHealth and its independent retail pharmacycustomers. The system allowsindependent pharmacies to automatethe replenishment of merchandise usingup-to-date statistics-based reorderingmethodologies.

The orders are sent electronically in abidirectional manner, providing accuratecoordination of cost/quantities for merchandiseordered and shipped betweenthe Cardinal Health warehouse and theindependent pharmacy. The orders anddeliveries are tracked for timely notificationson the status of all orders at everypoint in the supply chain. On the demandend, the system provides total promotionalautomation. The participating pharmaciesreceive automatic promotionalupdates to their pricing monthly. The softwareis combined with PAR's ViGo Xi POSterminal. The terminal features an integratedcustomer billboard that serves as adynamic multimedia system for displayingbrand promotions to consumers.

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