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Elaprase (idursulfase)

Shire Human GeneticTherapies Inc (Cambridge,Mass) recently received FDAapproval for Elaprase—thefirst product for the treatmentof Hunter syndrome(mucopolysaccharidosis II,or MPS II). Hunter syndrome is a rareinherited disease that can lead to prematuredeath. Elaprase was designated asan orphan product by the FDA. The recommendeddosage regimen of Elapraseis 0.5 mg/kg of body weight administeredevery week as an intravenous infusion.The product is a sterile, aqueous, clear toslightly opalescent, colorless solution suppliedin a 5-mL type I glass vial. The vialsare closed with a butyl rubber stopperwith fluororesin coating and an aluminumoverseal with a blue flip-off plastictop. For more information, visit, or call 866-888-0660.

NeoProfen (ibuprofenlysine) Injection

Ovation Pharmaceuticals (Deerfield,Ill) recently launched NeoProfen Injection.The product is indicated to close a clinicallysignificant patent ductus arteriosus inpremature infants weighing between500 g and 1500 g, who are ≤32 weeksgestational age, when usual medicalmanagement is ineffective. A course oftherapy is 3 doses of NeoProfen administeredintravenously. An initial dose of 10mg/kg is followed by 2 doses of 5 mg/kgeach, after 24 hours and 48 hours. If theductus arteriosus closes or is significantlyreduced in size after completion of thefirst course of NeoProfen, no furtherdoses are necessary. If, during continuedmedical management, the ductus arteriosusfails to close or reopens, then a secondcourse of NeoProfen, alternativepharmacologic therapy or surgery may benecessary. NeoProfen is dispensed inclear-glass single-use vials, each containing2 mL of sterile solution. For more information,visit, orcall 888-514-5204.

SharpShieldSafety Syringe

Devon Medical (King ofPrussia, Pa) recently receivedFDA approval to marketits safety-engineeredSharpShield syringe. Thesyringe allows true singlehandinjection requiring virtuallyno change in standardtechniques. The safety devicepassively activatessubepidermally when aform-fitted sheath slides over the needlepoint after the medicine is administered.This occurs before the needle is removedfrom the patient, preventing exposure tothe contaminated needle. The plungerlocks to ensure one-time use and lowdead space. Unlike autoretractablesyringes, SharpShield doesnot cause blood splatterupon activation or removal.For more information, call800-571-3135, or visit

ShrinkSafe ID Bands

EPS Inc (Ivyland, Pa) has introducednew ShrinkSafe ID Bands to help reducemedication errors involving paralyticagents, high-alert, and look-alike medicines.The product was designed toeasily wrap around various sized vialscontaining medication requiring specialhandling. The bright orange band isspecifically designed for 10-mL bottlescontaining high-alert paralytic agents.The sharp green band is for concentratedhigh-alert medications, drugsrequiring further dilution prior toadministration, or highlighting electrolytesdispensed in specialized caresettings. The clear band is available in 2sizes with a variety of dispensing applicationsfor virtually all types of intravenousbottles and vials. The orangeand green bands' distinctive colorsimmediately attract attention and alertpractitioners that these particularlywrapped medications require specialhandling. The clear bands allow for usewith a broader selection of high-alertmedications while providing the samelevel of protection. A quick exposure toheat shrinks the ShrinkSafe ID Band tothe vial's shape and still permits easyviewing of the manufacturer's label.Dispensing is also easy with thesebands—health care professionals peelthe band's pull tab, and the medicationis ready for use. For more information,visit, or call 800-523-8966.

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