High Carb Diet Can Raise BP in Diabetics

Pharmacy Times
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The findings of a new study indicate thata diet high in carbohydrates can moderatelyraise blood pressure (BP) in patients withtype 2 diabetes. The study compared theeffect of 2 same-calorie diets: one high incarbohydrates (55% of calories) and onelower (40% of calories). Forty-two patientswith type 2 diabetes were studied for two6-week periods, one period on each diet,with a 1-week break in between. Patientswere then invited to continue the seconddiet for an additional 8 weeks. Thirteenpatients continued eating the high-carbdiet, while 8 stayed on the low-carb diet.

At the end of the 8-week extension, thehigh-carb diet was associated with a diastolicBP that was 7 points higher than atthe end of the initial 6-week phases; systolicBP was 6 points higher in this group,and heart rate was higher by 7 to 8 beatsper minute.

In contrast, the low-carb diet groupshowed a significant lowering of heart rate,compared with the end of the 6-weekphases, and both BP measurements were3 to 4 points lower after a total of 14 weekson the low-carb diet.

According to researchers from theUniversity of Texas Southwestern MedicalCenter at Dallas, "the most plausible mechanismfor an increase in BP and heart rateon a high-carbohydrate diet might be theaccentuation of high insulin levels." Thefindings were reported in the Novemberissue of Diabetes Care.

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