Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

A survey of 859 pharmacists, conductedby HCD Research, found that 39% ofthe respondents were against state lawsthat would compel them to fill prescriptionsfor the morning-after pill. Theremaining 61% said that overall theysupported laws requiring pharmacists tofill prescriptions. The majority, however,favored having the choice of referringpatients to a different pharmacist if theyhad issues with the prescription.

The results of the survey werereleased within days of 4 Walgreen Copharmacists being put on unpaid leavefor refusing to fill prescriptions for themorning-after pill. Walgreens' policyallows pharmacists to refuse to prescribemedications based on their moralbeliefs, except where state law prohibits,provided that they take steps tohave the prescription filled elsewhere.When asked about the Walgreen case,63% of the respondents thought that thepharmacists should not have been puton unpaid leave for their refusal to fill theprescription. Yet, 29% supported thecompany's action.