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ScriptPro (Mission, Kan) recently introduced SPace to its line of Robotic Prescription Dispensing Technology. The product has been developed to handle all aspects of prescription dispensing in one unit. SPace provides accuracy, speed, prescription tracking, inventory reporting, and streamlined work flow for the total dispensing process. The machine holds 100 of a pharmacy?s top-selling tablets and capsules and 1000 unit-of-use medications. SPace?s robotic arm takes the vial to the cell for hands-free delivery with no drug cross-contamination. The prescription label with auxiliary information is applied to the vial automatically. The system electronically loads and stores unit-ofuse products and dispenses them on demand. Barcode scanning is used throughout the system to ensure that the right drug with the correct strength is dispensed to the patient. The pharmacist makes the final check for accuracy, comparing the medication dispensed with an on-screen image of the drug from ScriptPro?s comprehensive drug database. For more information, visit www.scriptpro.com, or call 800-606-7628.

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