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NDCHealth Corp and InstantDx are workingtogether to launch the next generation of electronicprescribing (e-prescribing) services to physicianpractices across the United States.NDCHealth—manufacturers of the physicianpractice management solutions Medisoft, Lytec,and Concept—and InstantDX—developer of thee-prescribing system OnCallData—are offeringhealth care providers the OnCallData System. Thesystem is integrated directly into NDCHealth'smanagement solutions.

A unique aspect of the OnCallData system isthat it does not cause a disruption to physicianwork flow. Health care providers get an e-prescribingmodule already incorporated with theirpractice management solution. The integrationprovides a single sign-on, allowing the physicianor staff member to access OnCallData withouthaving to log off of one system and onto another.Patient demographic information automaticallypopulates the e-prescribing application, allowingfor fewer keystrokes and eliminating potentialtypographical errors.

"Real-time, single sign-on integration betweenthe physician's practice management systemand the e-prescribing system is an essential,yet all-too-often missing ingredient necessary toaccelerate the adoption of e-prescribing," saidAllan M.Weinstein, MD, chairman and chief executiveofficer of InstantDx.

Another plus of the OnCallData System is thatit allows for real-time e-prescribing rather than"batching." With real-time e-prescribing, physicianscan verify drug and allergy interactions,patient eligibility, medication history, and formulariesright at the point of care. The real-time connectivityalso allows bidirectional electronic communicationbetween providers and the patient'spharmacy, significantly reducing time-consumingphone calls and faxes necessary for checking newprescriptions and authorizing refills.

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