Smokeless Tobacco Increases Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

Researchers from the International Agency for Researchon Cancer in Lyon, France, reported that the use of smokelesstobacco is associated with an increased risk of developingpancreatic cancer. The risk was 67% higher in men whoused smokeless tobacco than among men who never used it.The increased risk was limited to men who were also currentsmokers. Small increases in the risk of cancers of the mouth,pharynx, esophagus, and stomach were also seen in smokelesstobacco users. The use, however, was not connected toother cancers, such as lung, kidney, or bladder cancer.Researchers confirmed that, overall, smokeless tobacco is noless harmful than smoking tobacco.

The study, they said, "does not offer arguments in favor ofthe use of smokeless tobacco products to reduce the burdenof tobacco-related cancer incidence or mortality." They alsosaid that the study "provides evidence of a carcinogenic effecton the pancreas," but they could not determine from the dataif the risk of pancreatic cancer increased with the amount ofsmokeless tobacco used.

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