Council to Enhance Pharmacy

Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

The National Association of ChainDrug Stores (NACDS) has formed a newcouncil to improve the value and significanceof the retail pharmacy industry,as well as the interaction betweenpharmacists and their patients. TheNACDS Pharmacy Industry Council(PIC) will provide a forum to identifyand address common issues and challengespeculiar to the pharmacy industry,while communicating with theNACDS Board of Directors, councilmember companies, and other pharmacyorganizations and policy makers.

The PIC has 21 associate membersand 11 retailers, with 3 subcommitteeson the importance of pharmacy, technology,and the supply chain. Theleadership will focus on pharmacyissues, encourage member participation,and aid the development of programsthat will be beneficial to allNACDS members.

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