Pharmacy Times
Volume 0

Rx One: A patient brought this prescription into the pharmacy and said it was written for an antibiotic. Registered Pharmacist Andre Janiak and Pharmacy Intern Maria Nikolaides, of Target Pharmacy in Flushing, NY, were unable to determine what medication was being prescribed. Janiak called the physician's office for clarification. The pharmacist was surprised by the physician's answer. Do you know what the physician said?

RX Two:This prescription was only one of several poorly written prescriptions on the same order, but this prescription really perplexed Pharmacist David Calley, of Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho. When he called the physician's office for assistance, the physician could not believe the pharmacy had trouble with this script. Can you unscramble the physician's writing?

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Rx 1: Cefzil 250 mg/5 mL, #100 mL, 1 tsp q12h

Rx 2: Imdur 30 mg, 1 tablet daily

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