Blood Glucose Jumps Hurt Mental Function

Pharmacy Times
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Episodes of hyperglycemia may causepatients with type 2 diabetes to experiencea decline in mental function and mood.Reporting in Diabetes Care (October 2004),the researchers analyzed the effects ofacute hyperglycemia in 20 patients with type2 diabetes. All of the participants had haddiabetes for 6 years and were 61 years oldon average. Their treatment for the diseaseincluded antidiabetic medication and insulin.

For the study, the researchers used aglucose infusion to produce optimal bloodglucose levels or high levels on 2 occasions.It was during this process that theparticipants were tested on their information-processing ability, memory, and attentionlevel. The participants also completeda mood questionnaire during each experimentalcondition. The results showed thatspeed of information processing, workingmemory, and some areas of attentionwere impaired during acute hyperglycemia.Furthermore, these occurrencesnegatively affected mood, with reducedfeelings of happiness and increased agitation,anxiety, lethargy, and tiredness.

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