Physical Therapy Eases Pain

Pharmacy Times
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Individuals with chronic pain maybenefit from physical therapy to alleviatethe pain. Julia Copeland, a physicaltherapist, believes physical therapy is akey component of a multidisciplinarypain management program. Copelandis cofounder of Integrated Therapies—an interdisciplinary outpatient clinic forevaluating and treating patients withdelayed recovery from chronic pain.

Physical therapy works best forpatients with long-standing headaches,neck and back pain, chronic conditionsrelated to spinal injuries, complexregional pain syndrome, and nerveinjuries that create chronic pain.Copeland advised that physical therapycan also help patients grasp what theycan and cannot do so they do not keepcreating situations that are contributingto the pain. For example, some patientsdeny their pain. She said that patientshave to accept their limitations for successfulrehabilitation. Another contributingfactor to relieving chronic painis a home exercise program. Copelandstressed that home management andself-management are major componentsin recovery. She said it is crucialfor patients to understand and accepttheir role in the healing process.

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