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As a year comes to an end, we have the opportunity toevaluate accomplishments, determine what the future mayhold, and decide on any course correction needed. Willpharmacy practice undergo more change in 2005 than weexperienced in 2004? Will pharmacists be expected to performdifferent services in 2005? Will you need to developnew skills to be able to provide services that Medicare PartD will expect from pharmacists? With Republicans in controlof the White House and Congress, will 2005 bring legislativechanges that will benefit or perhaps hurt the pharmacyprofession? How are you going to decide youranswers to these questions? If you want to influence howthese questions will be answered, how will you do it? Mypoint is that, unless we plan for changes and work at makingthem happen, we may be caught off guard and be disappointedby what does happen.

I believe that we determine the future by the decisionswe make today. The profession does not take care of itself.Pharmacists have to take care of the profession. What stepsare you going to take in 2005? As 2004 comes to an end, itis a great time to make those decisions.

This season for many is a time to give to others, spendtime with those we care about, and enjoy the holiday season.Pharmacy Times' wish for you is that hope will alwaysmean more than memories. You can ensure that this wishwill come true as you work to make your profession betterin 2005.

Thank you for the positive comments you have sharedwith us about our publication. We will strive to improve it bylistening to your suggestions. We will continue to provideyou with useful information resources to help you take bettercare of your patients in 2005. May you have a great 2005!

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