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Rx One: This prescription is only an example of the prescriptions Registered Pharmacist Blain Larson, of Schuyler Pharmacy in Schuyler, Neb, has to decipher every day from the prescribing physician. After several attempts to figure out the order, Larson put in a call to the physician's office for clarification. Can you decode this prescription?

Rx Two: Registered Pharmacist Mark Shaw, of CVS Pharmacy in Logan, Ohio, had his work cut out for him when this prescription came into the pharmacy. Rather than spending a lot of time trying to determine the drug being ordered, Shaw placed a call to the prescribing physician's office for clarification. Do you know the answer the physician gave?

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Rx 1: Metoprolol 50 mg, #30, 1 tablet po qd

Rx 2: Brethine 5 mg, #30, 1 tablet every 6 hours, 8 refills

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