Obesity Is a Factor in Sleep Duration

Pharmacy Times, Volume 0, 0

Mounting research has shown that short sleep duration is associated with obesity inyoung adults, according to a study reported in Sleep (June 15, 2004). For the study,the researchers tracked 496 young adults for a 13-year period to determine if there wasa connection between sleep duration, obesity, and body mass index (BMI). Data wasderived from 4 interviews when the participants were ages 27, 29, 34, and 40 years.The interviews focused on psychiatric and medical conditions and health habits.

"?this study shows an association between short sleep duration and obesity thatdiminished above age 34 years and an association between sleep duration and BMIin young adults. Because sleep duration is a potentially modifiable risk factor, thesefindings might have important clinical implications for the prevention and treatmentof obesity," concluded the authors.