Immunization Guide for Pharmacists

Exploring the History and Rise of Data Opportunity Systems

July 05, 2019

Registries and Information Sharing

The opportunity to leverage patient immunization history and data at the point of care in a pharmacy environment can increase the trust and credibility of the pharmacist as a member of the patient’s health care team.

Examining the Role of Academic Detailing in Improving Immunization Practices

June 23, 2019


Academic detailing is an educational approach intended to create sustainable practice change and improve decision making. Through academic detailing visits, health care providers share tailored material with each other, with the goal of encouraging the use of evidence-based guidelines.

Improving Vaccination Rates Among Adult Non-Health Care Consumers

June 21, 2019

Engaging Patients

Although childhood vaccination programs have helped contribute significantly to the positive impact of vaccines on public health, there are no formalized vaccination delivery programs for adults. As a result, vaccination rates are low among this patient population, increasing their susceptibility to serious illness and complications.