March/April 2014

Kcentra by CSL Behring

April 21, 2014

New Drug Review

Kcentra is the first nonactivated 4-factor prothrombin complex concentrate for the urgent reversal of acquired coagulation deficiency induced by vitamin K antagonist therapy.

Specialty Pharmacies: Meeting Payer Needs in an Evolving Market

April 17, 2014


With the continued growth of the specialty pharmacy market, payers are employing an increasing number of cost and utilization management strategies to ensure proper use of specialty medications. Collaboration between specialty pharmacies and payers is essential.

Biosimilars: Where Are They Now?

April 17, 2014


Although biosimilars may be years away from their US debut, now is the time for pharmacists to educate themselves on this new class of agents so that they will be prepared to provide support for their appropriate use.

Hands-on Care in the Home Setting

April 16, 2014

Specialty Pharmacy Nursing

Successful at-home administration of specialty medications requires extensive preparation and constant assessment of the patient's response by the specialty therapy nurse.