iPhone Blood Pressure MonitoriPhone Blood Pressure Monitor

Marketed by: Withings

Withings made waves in 2009 with a scale that announced the user’s weight to all of Twitter. Now, the maker of wired health devices is going after blood pressure—with the same “sharing is caring” approach to selfmonitoring and disease management. When a patient straps on the Withings cuff and plugs it into an Apple device, the tool’s free blood pressure app automatically launches, taking either 3 readings in a row or a single measurement. Results are saved within the app and online, with additional data on dates and times of day to help patients compare morning, afternoon, and night readings. All readings can be shared securely with providers through e-mail, uploaded to a personal health record on Microsoft HealthVault, or broadcasted to friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

For More Information: www.withings.com


BodymapsHealthline BodyMaps

Marketed by: Healthline Networks and GE Healthymagination

With its ability to search the human body in 3D, BodyMaps is the first interactive online anatomy map. A powerful patient counseling tool, the free Web-based app features 964 different views of the body, each mapped to thousands of anatomical, clinical, and consumer-friendly terms to aid communication between health professionals and patients. In addition to high-quality 3D images, BodyMaps links users to relevant information from Healthline’s database of clinically reviewed videos, animations, learning centers, and wellness guides that provide concise, targeted advice for managing specific health conditions. BodyMaps uses Adobe Flash Player and can be viewed in any browser at www.healthline.com/human-body-maps.

For More Information: www.healthline.com





Dosecast iPhone App


Marketed by: Montuno Software

Dosecast is a simple, flexible iPhone app designed to help patients remember to take medications correctly and on time. Patients enter basic information about each drug they take—including the name, dosage, scheduling, and any special instructions—and set up reminders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For drugs with more frequent dosing schedules, users can set reminders to sound within a specific time frame, such as 4 hours after the last dose was taken. These and other basic features are included in the free version; for an additional $3.99, the app will send reminders without an Internet connection, track creams, injections, and other nonoral dosage forms, and enable dose history logging and refill alerts. The app is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in the iTunes store at http://phrmcyt.ms/jNxAUJ.

For More Information: www.dosecast.com 



Reach Rx OTM

ReachRx Online Therapy Management

Marketed by: Armada Health Care

Armada announced the launch of ReachRx OTM, a Web-based specialty pharmacy therapy management system. ReachRx OTM is a patient care tool providing pharmacies the ability to optimize drug utilization and clinical outcomes, resulting in enhanced care for specialty patients. ReachRx OTM includes side effects management and therapy protocols for all major specialty disease states, for increased compliance.  ReachRx OTM is fully HIPAA compliant, integrates with most pharmacy dispensing systems, and features extensive reporting capabilities to help pharmacies meet payor requirements and support FDA-mandated Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies programs. 

For More Information: www.armadahealthcare.com