Pharmacy Technology Products

JULY 01, 2008

DataQ Is a New Pharmacy Database Resource

The National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (Scottsdale, AZ) recently launched dataQ?a next-generation pharmacy data solution that provides health care stakeholders with the most up-to-date and in-depth pharmacy information available. DataQ enables pharmacies, prescription benefit managers, health plans, and other stakeholders improved pharmacy database accuracy and streamlined electronic claims processing for faster reimbursement of prescription drug claims. It also is used for pharmacy network development and credentialing, data validation, drug-use monitoring and product recalls, along with market research and analysis. Available with varying subscription and administrative levels, the new resource expands functionality to include optional real-time Web access to pharmacy data, extensive custom reporting, and file download capabilities. For more information, visit

Mini Scale Helps Dispense Meds Accurately

Tanita Corp (Arlington Heights, IL) recently introduced the lightweight and precision Tanita 1479Z Professional Digital Mini Scale. The new scale is an enhanced version of Tanita?s 1479V. The Tanita 1479Z Professional Digital Mini Scale is 33% thinner than the 1479V model and offers a capacity of 200 g?a 67% increase. The mini scale offers 4 weighing modes (gram, ounce, troy ounce, and penny-weight), allowing for optimum accuracy in a variety of professional industries including pharmaceutical. The Tanita 1479Z Professional Digital Mini Scale also features an easy-to-read, 4-digit LCD display and provides professional, accurate results with its 200-g capacity. The scale retails for $58.50. For more information, visit, or call 866-679-3343.

Zebra Infant Wristbands Secure Patient Identification

Zebra Technologies (Vernon Hills, IL) recently introduced 2 new infant wristbands to its Z-band line. The infant version of the Z-Band QuickClip wristband is a direct thermal band that provides identification verification at the point of care. It also features the same durable clip closure and antimicrobial coating as the adult version and offers 6 options for color coding. In addition, the new Infant Foam Wristband will feature comfortable, soft foam with a hook and loop Velcro closure. A blank panel will allow clinicians to easily attach Zebra?s Z-Select 4000D label or QuickClip band for identification purposes. The company also announced that results from independent laboratory tests showed its patentpending antimicrobial wristband coating effectively resists methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Type II, Type III, and Type IV from the Z-Band antimicrobial wristbands. The Z-Band antimicrobialcoated wristbands, which are available in infant, pediatric, and adult sizes, will continue to feature a topcoat layer that resists alcohol, water, foams, soaps, and blood. Zebra?s Z-Band QuickClip antimicrobial- coated wristbands feature clips in 7 colors for use when color coding to communicate patient risk factors or special needs. For more information, visit, or call 800-423-0442.

Temperature Monitoring Helps Improve Safety

AeroScout Inc (Redwood City, CA) has launched a wireless Temperature Monitoring application for the health care industry. As part of the company?s Healthcare Visibility Suite, the Temperature Monitoring application is a complete solution for logging and alerting staff of temperature fluctuations for critical health care items and products, over any standard Wi-Fi wireless network. The solution, which is FDA-registered, uses the company?s Wi-Fi radio-frequency identification tags with integrated temperature sensors and a software module for logging and acting upon temperature data. The same tags and infrastructure also can be used for other visibility applications, such as medical- asset tracking and patient work-flow improvement. The tags are placed inside refrigerators, freezers, and deep freezers that contain expensive and difficult items to replace, such as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, tissues, blood bags, and patient test results. The tags wirelessly and automatically send temperature readings over a standard Wi-Fi network to AeroScout?s MobileView software. If the temperature of the cooling unit exceeds or goes below a set threshold, an alert is triggered and sent to hospital staff. Temperature-triggered alerts can be sent to hospital staff, and all information, including temperature logs, alerts, and corrective actions, are stored in AeroScout MobileView. For more information, visit