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APRIL 01, 2007

ALEVE Liquid Gels

Marketed by: Bayer Consumer Care (Morristown, NJ)

Indication: Targeted for adults aged 25 to 49 who want to stay active, ALEVE Liquid Gels offer relief from minor aches and pains due to backache, muscle aches, minor arthritis pain, headache, and the common cold. The active ingredient in each ALEVE Liquid Gel is naproxen sodium (220 mg). Adults and children 12 years and older may take 1 capsule every 8 to 12 hours while symptoms last and should not exceed 3 capsules in a 24-hour period. The product is available in 20-, 40-, and 80-count sizes, as well as a 160-count club size. The retail price starts at $5.49.

For More Information: www.ALEVE.com 800-395-0689

ProOmega-D Liquid

Marketed by: Nordic Naturals (Watsonville, Calif)

Indication: ProOmega-D Liquid is a high omega-3 fish oil concentrate with added vitamin D. The product was formulated to specifically address the documented health benefits received from high eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), as well as concerns about vitamin D deficiencies in the body. Each teaspoon of the product provides approximately 3000 mg of EPA and DHA. Each serving also provides 400 international units of vitamin D3.

For More Information: www.nordicnaturals.com 800-662-2544


Marketed by: Windmill Health Products (West Caldwell, NJ)

Indication: MemoProve is an antiaging supplement that improves memory in adults over 50 years of age struggling with age-related memory problems. The product works to protect and restore memory in 2 ways: (1) it protects brain cells and synaptic connections from processes that lead to memory problems, and (2) it stimulates neurons and the formation of neuronal connections leading to memory improvement. MemoProve is available in 30-count bottles.

For More Information: www.windmillvitamins.com 800-822-4320

Nauzene Chewables

Marketed by: Alva-Amco Pharmacal Cos Inc (Niles, Ill)

Indication: Nauzene Chewables are indicated to help quickly calm and control upset stomach discomfort, including nausea, fullness, and heartburn associated with overindulgence of food and drink. The product contains no salicylates, antihistamines, aspirin, or caffeine. Recommended for use by the whole family, wild-cherry-flavor Nauzene Chewables are packaged in sealed, clear-plastic blisters with foil backing for added safety and convenience. Available in 40-count packages, the product retails for $7 to $9.

For More Information: www.NAUZENE.com 800-792-2582

Liga Balm

Marketed by: Liga Health Corp (Portage, Mich)

Indication: Liga Balm is an external analgesic in the form of a cod liver oil ointment that is specially formulated to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains. The product is supposed to promote faster healing at the applied site. Recommended for patients aged 6 years and older, Liga Balm should be applied 3 times a day for best results.

For More Information: www.ligahealth.com 888-284-LIGA (888-284-5442)

Commit Lozenge

Marketed by: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (Pittsburgh, Pa)

Indication: Commit Lozenge, now available in cherry flavor, helps individuals quit smoking by delivering strong, lasting medicine to stop the cravings before they start. Unlike cigarettes, the nicotine in the Commit Lozenge is absorbed through the mouth tissues, reducing the nicotine cravings and relieving some nicotine-withdrawal symptoms. The product works as a temporary aid to help individuals quit smoking. Available in 2-and 4-mg doses, Commit Lozenge is also available in mint flavor.

For More Information: www.commitlozenge.com

Swish Before You Kiss

Marketed by: Vi-John Labs (St. Louis, Mo)

Indication: Swish Before You Kiss is an alcohol-free mouthwash that kills germs and freshens breath. The bottle's unique contours make it easy to grab and use. Swish Before You Kiss is available in tropical tease, vanilla vibe, mango tango, cinnamon, peach passion, and key lime crush flavors.

For More Information: www.swishb4ukiss.com 877-MY-SWISH (877-697-9474)


Marketed by: Merz Pharmaceuticals (Greensboro, NC)

Indication: Mederma now has a new and improved formula that incorporates an irritant-free fragrance safe for use on all skin types and a lighter, fresher scent that dissipates quickly once applied to scars. The product is available in 20-and 50-g tubes. The 20-g tube, which retails for approximately $15, is suitable for scars up to 3 inches in length. The 50-g tube, which retails for approximately $30, is suitable for larger scars 8 to 10 inches in length.

For More Information: www.mederma.com 888-925-8989


Marketed by: PROFOOT Footcare Products (Brooklyn, NY)

Indication: Synovium is a topical analgesic specifically formulated for pain relief in the feet and ankles. The pain-relieving gel contains 2 key ingredients that help reduce swelling, alleviate pain, and increase range of motion: (1) capsaicin for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains in muscles and joints caused as a result of strains and sprains, and (2) glucosamine to help refresh cartilage and lubricate joints. Synovium retails for $7.99 for a 4-oz tube.

For More Information: www.profootcare.com

Icy Hot Pro-Therapy

Marketed by: Chattem Inc (Chattanooga, Tenn)

Indication: Icy Hot Pro-Therapy is a line of support braces that can be combined with different kinds of therapeutic inserts for a technically advanced way to manage pain. The product line includes 2 different support braces for targeted reinforcement of the back or knee that can be used alone or combined with cold and hot therapeutic inserts designed to fit the Icy Hot Pro-Therapy support braces. The cold inserts provide an immediate burst of pain-numbing cold that helps prevent swelling and relieves inflammation. Each individual insert lasts up to 30 minutes. Four cold inserts are included in each package. The hot inserts provide therapeutically effective, long-lasting heat to relax chronic stiffness and tightness and promote flexibility. Each individual hot insert lasts up to 8 hours. Four hot inserts are included in each package.

For More Information: www.icyhotprotherapy.com

LifeShield Throat Defense

Marketed by: New Chapter (Brattleboro, Vt)

Indication: LifeShield Throat Defense is a dietary supplement made with organic mushrooms for immune enhancement. The throat spray is formulated for use with exposure to crowds, while traveling, or in the home or office. At the first sign of a tickle or scratchy throat or an environmental exposure, individuals should place the sprayer close to the mouth and spray 3 to 4 squirts back toward the throat. LifeShield Throat Defense includes the proprietary blend of organic reishi mycelium, organic agarikon, and organic birch polypore. The product is available in peppermint, cinnamon, and original flavors.

For More Information: www.new-chapter.com 800-543-7279


Marketed by: Omron Healthcare Inc (Bannockburn, Ill)

Indication: HEM-780 is a blood pressure monitor that is the first to measure morning hypertension. The product allows typical patients and those with general hypertension to better detect and monitor for this deadly condition. The morning hypertension symbol is displayed on the HEM-780 if an individual's average first morning reading for a week is above 135 mm Hg systolic and/or 85 mm Hg diastolic. Ideal for sharing information with a physician, the HEM-780 not only measures blood pressure but detects some types of irregular heartbeats as well. The product is designed to automatically store blood pressure and pulse rate information in memory for 2 individuals, for up to 84 sets of measurement values per user. The HEM-780 also stores 8 weeks of morning averages and evening averages for each person. The product retails for $99.

For More Information: www.omronhealthcare.com 800-634-4350