pharmacy TECHNOLOGY products

JANUARY 01, 2007


ECR Software Corp's (Boone, NC) Catapult is a retail enterprise automation solution that includes point-of-sale, back office, and interfaces for pharmacy systems and wholesalers. The system's powerful inventory tracking greatly reduces labor overhead while providing greater control over prescription movement and walk-out prevention. Catapult's electronic signature capture feature compiles and tracks all prescription signatures digitally, eliminating the vast amounts of paper receipts required by conventional systems. The system accesses the pharmacy's current database and compares information between prescriptions filled and prescriptions that have been paid. Catapult also offers an optional Customer Billboard that delivers dynamic promotional content in the checkout lines while real-time back office reporting enables centralized promotion management, improving inventory turns for retail merchandise and OTC items. For more information, visit, or call 800-211-1172.

HISPAC III Electronic Prescription Counter

EPS Inc (Ivyland, Pa) recently introduced the HISPAC III Electronic Prescription Counter. The product is automated for single, multiple, and inventory tablet or capsule counts and can be used with 110-or 220-volt power requirements. For single counts, medication is counted into a top drawer and transferred to a vial. Excess medication is automatically transferred to a lower drawer so it can be replaced into stock. For multiple counts, pharmacies need to remove the top drawer at the end of the initial count. By pushing the "MULTIPLE" button, the remaining tablets will stay on top of the counter, ready for the next count. For inventory counts, the HISPAC III Electronic Prescription Counter will count up to 1000 and restart at 1 automatically by pressing the "INV"button. A simple gate adjustment allows only 1 tablet or capsule to pass across the infrared light. A wiper brush continuously cleans the rotating disc to prevent cross-contamination. For more information, visit, or call 800-523-8966.

iCare Home Health Monitoring

iCare Health Monitoring Inc (Golden, Colo), a subsidiary of Microlife Health Solutions, recently launched iCare Home Health Monitoring. The system connects seniors and family caregivers with health professionals. The simple-to-use iCare Health Buddy component allows seniors to answer questions daily about their specific health condition. These responses are sent to the iCare Home Health Monitoring Center where health professionals monitor symptoms, vital signs, and medication use every day. Health professionals can alert the senior, the family caregiver, and pharmacists or physicians of trouble spots before they become serious health concerns that may require hospitalization. By using a secured Web site,, family, caregivers, pharmacists, or physicians can quickly view health data of patients subscribed to the service in easy-to-read health reports. These reports are specific to the subscriber and can be printed and shared with health care providers. Currently, iCare Home Health Monitoring offers programs for individuals with congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, emphysema, diabetes, high blood pressure, and adult asthma. For more information, visit or call 800-968-1378.

IVR MultiScript and IVR Central

QS/1 (Spartanburg, SC) recently expanded its interactive voice response (IVR) line to include 2 new centralized solutions for multilocation pharmacies. The IVR MultiScript allows a unique telephone number and greeting for each store location. The IVR Central is a solution that offers a single telephone number and greeting, directing callers to specify a desired location. Both centralized IVR configurations free local pharmacy staff from many information technology responsibilities and also can be more cost-effective than separate IVR systems, due to the reduction in upfront hardware and ongoing hardware maintenance costs. The company's IVR solutions help patients submit prescription refill requests 24/7 without sacrificing the personal touches that are so important in the patient-pharmacist relationship. The systems allow for customized user prompts and automatically send patient refill requests to the appropriate pharmacy prescription filling queue. For more information, visit, or call 800-231-7776.