pharmacy technology products

DECEMBER 01, 2006

DS6707 Handheld Digital Scanner

Symbol Technologies (Holtsville, NY) recently introduced the DS6707 Handheld Digital Scanner designed for barcode scanning and image capture in a multitude of environments. Pharmacies, retailers, and manufacturers can use the device to scan bar codes and capture, store, and instantly recover documents and images for increased productivity and streamlined business operations. Designed to help reduce capital and operating expenses, the DS6707 Handheld Digital Scanner eliminates the need to purchase, manage, and support additional services such as digital cameras, document scanners, and separate barcode scanners for varying symbologies. Whether employees need to read 1-dimensional, 2-dimensional, PDF417, or postal codes, the scanner maximizes employee productivity with omnidirectional data capture capabilities. The durable product also features textenhancement technology that sharpens the clarity of scanned documents, such as prescriptions or shipment labels that often include small print, to automate processes and reduce administrative costs. For more information, visit

HBS Chain-Host System

Health Business Systems Inc‘s (Warminster, Pa; a subsidiary of SXC) HBS Chain-Host System is ideal for multisite pharmacies with a need to share central database information. The system is perfect for both commonly and individually owned pharmacy structures, including both large chains and franchises or cooperatives. Many maintenance functions (eg, thirdparty plan administration and drug-file maintenance) can be performed by the HBS Chain-Host System and transmitted to each individual location. Each individual pharmacy has its own central processing unit with on-line communication to a Host System via the Internet. The Host System serves as a central data repository of information for the group. Using the Internet as the communication vehicle gives the HBS Chain-Host System the ability to administer a large number of widely dispersed locations. For more information, visit, or call 800-444-1427.


GSL Solutions Inc (Vancouver, Wash) recently introduced the IntelliCab Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-equipped Will-Call Storage and Retrieval System. The system combines RFID with GSL's proprietary hardware and software (IntelliTrak) to allow pharmacies to physically track prescriptions through every stage of the prescription-filling process, from labeling to pickup, without significantly altering the work flow or requiring additional scanning by employees. GSL's IntelliTrak System uses RFID tags. Once the label is generated and associated with a GSL "SmartBasket," RFID readers installed at each work zone automatically track the prescription's location. Once the script is verified by the pharmacist, pharmacy clerks place the basket in one of the IntelliCab's storage compartments. To retrieve the prescription, clerks need only to enter a few letters of the patient's name into the computer, and the system lights the correct drawer and compartment. LED lights and sounds confirm that clerks are picking the correct prescription and warn when they pick the wrong one. IntelliCabs are designed to fit into existing pharmacy configurations. Their unique 3- dimensional design maximizes holding capacity for prescriptions and ensures script security. The RFID-equipped system helps pharmacy operators speed work flow, guarantee accuracy, and reduce transaction time. For more information, visit

NeoFax WebApp

NeoFax LLC (Raleigh, NC) recently introduced NeoFax WebApp—a new browser-based software application. The software enables medical professionals to accurately prescribe, compound, and administer lifesaving drugs and parenteral nutrition solutions to critically ill infants. NeoFax WebApp provides on-line drug and parenteral nutrition dosing information, adverse effects, and medical references across a broad range of medicines with a convenient, easy-to-use Web browser interface. The application includes a patient-specific drug dosage calculator that calculates dosing intervals using gestational and postnatal ages, thereby helping reduce medication errors and time for ordering and compounding. Customized default values and warning ranges and compounding instructions are provided. The Parenteral Nutrition Ordering system includes a pharmacy compounder interface and provides nutrient, energy, osmolarity, and aluminum calculations, along with label printing to reduce time for ordering and compounding total parenteral nutrition (TPN) solutions. It guides order entry and archives TPN order history. For more information, visit