DECEMBER 01, 2006

Tec Labs and the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) are launching "Keeping Our Kids Lice Free,"a national head lice check program. The initiative is part of Tec Labs' recently announced National PTA sponsorship.

The program will include an educational DVD to be distributed in each of this year's National PTA Back-to-School kits that go to the PTA and school officials throughout the United States. The DVD will provide instructions on how to conduct a head lice check program, as well as how to spot and treat head lice. The kit also will include bilingual "Facts and Fiction Guides"about head lice, as well as directions to visit for additional safe alternatives for preventing and treating head lice infestations.

"We hope that, by educating parents and school officials on how to detect and treat head lice at its earliest stages, affected children will miss fewer school days and lice infestations will be minimized," said Steve Smith, chief executive officer of Tec Labs. In November 2004, the company launched Licefreee!, a pesticide-free, salt-based gel developed by Mark Christensen, PhD, a registered pharmacist in Utah and Oregon.