pharmacy TECHNOLOGY products

OCTOBER 01, 2006

Abacus TPN Calculation Software

Baxa Corp (Englewood, Colo) recently introduced version 2 of its Abacus TPN (total parenteral nutrition) Calculation Software. The product is a Windows-based software application used for TPN order entry and compounding. Designed by health-systems pharmacists, the software ensures safety and reduces the opportunity for user error in the prescribing, calculating, and mixing of multisource compounds. Versions are offered to support stand-alone compounding for calculation without an automated compounder, single workstations for driving one compounder, and multiple workstations for order entry from multiple locations within a single facility. The Abacus suite of products provides built-in safety features such as bar-code generation, user customization for warning limits, ordering templates, and security. A graphical user interface and drop-down menus make Abacus easy to use and assist staff pharmacy training. For more information, visit, or call 800-567-BAXA (800-567-2292).

Apothetrac MDTS

Apothetrac LLC (Maywood, NJ) recently introduced the Apothetrac MDTS (Medication Delivery Tracking System). The product uses bar-code technology to instantly track and locate missing medication deliveries for easy retrieval. Health care professionals no longer have to waste time searching their institution for lost medication. Apothetrac MDTS can save time and money by eliminating the need to recompound and redispense lost medications. The system also prevents expensive medications from becoming expired returns. The product package includes the Apothetrac MDTS software and Symbol bar-code handheld scanner. Medications are scanned by a pharmacy courier at designated dropoff points within an institution, which only takes seconds. Signature capture allows for an added level of accountability. From a central pharmacy workstation, staff can locate all scanned medications quickly and easily. The system can also integrate with an institution's existing pharmacy system. For more information, visit, or call 877-276-8438.


Epocrates Inc (San Mateo, Calif) recently introduced new safety and monitoring sections to its Epocrates mobile drug reference guide to aid the >500,000 health care professionals in the Epocrates network. Epocrates now prominently displays black-box warning information throughout its application. Epocrates has also added a new safety and monitoring section that includes information on monitoring parameters for common drug classes such as cardiovascular, psychiatric, and neurologic agents. Physicians review monitoring parameters—including laboratory test results, vital signs, and physical findings—to identify potentially harmful effects of medications. By identifying issues early in drug therapy, physicians can reduce the risk of injury related to adverse drug events. Another new section, pharmacology, provides information on drug metabolism, excretion, class, and mechanism to aid physicians in better understanding the properties and actions of the drugs they are prescribing. For more information, visit


Innovation Associates Inc's (Johnson City, NY) PharmASSIST ROBOTx is ideal for all types of pharmacies. With its ergonomic design, high-speed dispensing, and continuous operation, the product is easy to use, delivers unparalleled throughput, and never takes a break. The PharmASSIST technology comprises a universal workflow software—Pharm- ASSIST Symphony—and dispensing platform that serves as the common denominator of the company's suite of products. Pharmacies can add yet another layer of quality control to ROBOTx by incorporating the Pharm- ASSIST Symphony workflow management system to create their own end-toend robotic dispensing and process control solution. With Symphony, pharmacists can establish quality checkpoints throughout their pharmacy by employing bar-code scanning, digital imagery of medications and original paper prescriptions, and high quality software protocols. Symphony information management tools can provide full visibility into a pharmacy's daily activity and ROBOTx's performance. Armed with this detailed information, pharmacies can make smarter, quicker decisions, develop best practices, and increase profitability. Pharmacies can implement any Pharm- ASSIST product or combination of products to address their immediate requirements, and they can either incrementally upgrade the system at their own pace or migrate their system to the next level of automation at any time. For more information, visit, or call 877-742-7627.